Hail, Caesar! And The Celluloid Communion

hail-caesar01On my Facebook page, I have my religion listed as “Film”. Because ultimately, film has been the biggest guiding light in my life, the art form that has not only led me to so many tremendous stories but that has comforted me when times have been most difficult. I think that film, at its best, can be the great Rosetta Stone for the times in which we live, and provide meaning and comfort just as well as the Church or the Talmud. I only bring all of this navel-gazing bullshit up because this seems to be exactly the mentality guiding the Coen Brothers’ Hail, Caesar! and while I may not unreservedly love the whole package I absolutely appreciate its dramatization of my feelings on film in a film.


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Monthly Preview: February 2014

Phew, that last month was brutal huh? Let’s all be grateful we got through it in one piece. But now February is here, and it’s thankfully got a decent lineup for once. While there are a couple of high-profile shitshows lurking on this calendar, there’s still a decent amount of good material out there, and this early in the year that’s something to be thankful for. Join me after the jump to see what we’ve got:

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Rebirth Through Review: My Thoughts on Gravity

After six long years, Alfonso Cuaròn has returned with his much-anticipated Gravity. Starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, it’s a dazzling, intense ride, following two astronauts trying to survive in Earth’s orbit after their space shuttle is destroyed by satellite debris. This movie has been incredibly hyped and scrutinized due to its lengthy production and the incredibly ambitious effects work that was necessary to make it happen, and understandably so, given that it’s a film that lives and dies by those effects. And while the SFX are indeed incredibly impressive and well-used, I found myself somewhat uncertain about how I felt about the movie and my perception of it. Spoilers (and rambling) after the jump.

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