#FourComics That Made Me Love The Art

comics_710Today, comics writer Jim Zub started the Twitter hashtag #fourcomics, where he asked anyone and everyone to post four covers from comics they were influenced by or loved as they were growing up. Being a longtime comics reader myself, I couldn’t help but fall into this beautiful nostalgia trap, and the end result is the post below, which ended up being a nice cross-section of my core fandom when it was all said and done. Follow me after the jump and enjoy!

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Llewyn, George and Me: A Weekend of Artistic Angst

453975.1020.ARight from the start, this blog has been meant to help me rediscover my artistic enthusiasm. I needed to figure out exactly what stories I wanted to tell and how, and I figured a more in-depth exploration of the films I like could help me get there. But while the blog has been pretty successful in and of itself, and I do feel a little more clear about what stories I want to tell, I still haven’t figured out a way to actually get myself writing scripts again. It’s a subject that I’ve repeatedly discussed with my girlfriend, and every time she gives me the same advice: just write.

It’s good advice but very difficult to follow, and the more I don’t follow it, the more depressed I usually get. But after our most recent talk, something changed: there was a brief spark of inspiration, right around Thanksgiving, that not only made me feel I could follow Shiran’s advice but could directly address what had been holding me back this whole time. And then of course my life got thrown into chaos for a few weeks, and I haven’t had time to even work on this blog, much less a new script. But with some time to myself over this past weekend, I found my way to two long-awaited pieces of storytelling that spoke both to where I am now and what I hope to say about it: Stephen Sondheim’s Sunday in the Park with George and the Coen Brothers’ Inside Llewyn Davis.

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TMNT Is The Turtles Movie You SHOULD Be Watching

TMNT-WALLPAPERS-tmnt-18709833-1024-768It seems that the newest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is on pace for $65 million this weekend, which is a depressing number given the apparent artistic failure of the movie overall. While I’ve never been a particularly passionate fan of the franchise (it falls in with Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers as one of those things I lost interest in after age 7) I do recognize the hunger for a good, modern take of the characters on film. Funnily enough though, it seems we already got one of those, and no one seemed to care about it. I’m talking about 2007’s TMNT, which is not only a solid story with fun characters and action, but also presents the Turtles in animated form, where they’ve always seemed most at home. Having finally watched it this weekend, I’m doubly disappointed that TMNT did not become the definitive cinematic Turtles movie for this generation of kids.

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Guillermo del Toro’s “Simpsons” Couch Gag Is Brilliantly Fun

Not really much more to add; this thing just oozes enthusiasm for all things horror and fantasy, and I defy you to not be smiling by the end of it.