#ImWithHer, or A Tale Of Two Platforms

Ask-HISTORY-How-did-the-Republican-and-Democratic-parties-get-their-animal-symbols-ESo, here we are America. The primaries are officially over, and the general election is set. The Democratic and Republican parties have both selected their nominees for President of the United States, and it’s up to us to choose one. Of course, it’s proving to be more challenging than usual, due in no small part to the recalcitrant, argumentative wing of the left that continues to resist the idea of voting for the Democratic nominee.

I once saw a meme on Facebook challenging people to justify voting for HER without mentioning HIS name. Now, skipping past the fallacy of that argument (the nature of the opponent is HUGELY relevant to the value of a candidate), I figured I’d take the bait and do one better: I’m not going to mention EITHER nominee by name. Because ultimately, the nominees are just figureheads for the real bellwethers of policy: the party platforms. To me, the real question is which platform is better… and the answer couldn’t be more obvious.

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Meet The Team Behind Just Death, The Next Great Short Film

JustDeathArt by Kelly Otterness

Long time, no see everybody! I apologize for my extended absence from this blog; I’ve had more than enough personal/professional obligations to keep me busy the last couple of months. But if there’s one thing that could motivate me to get Creation From Chaos out of mothballs, it’s supporting the efforts of my fellow artists, and that’s exactly what I’m here to do today.

The project at hand is a new short film called Just Death. Developed by fellow Landmark Sunshine Cinema alums, it looks to be a challenging but absurd piece of satirical filmmaking about the death penalty. To me, it sounds like exactly the sort of art the world needs right now, and I hope you’ll all join me in supporting this great project on Kickstarter. To celebrate the launch of their crowdfunding campaign, I sat down with writer/director Aaron Kelley, cinematographer Lucas Miller and producer Josh Michaels to discuss their influences and goals for Just Death.

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