Alert! These Rom-Coms are Leaving Netflix After This Week

Meeting Cute - Romantic Comedy Podcast

nWe’re taking a little time off this week, but you don’t have to! You can put your Memorial Day to good use by watching these romantic comedies before they’re abandoned in a Netflix-free wasteland on June 1:

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Episode 10: You’ve Got Mail

Meeting Cute - Romantic Comedy Podcast


We celebrate what would have been the great Nora Ephron’s 75th birthday in style with one of the most iconic and infamous romantic comedies of all time: You’ve Got Mail. Do we agree about it, or will we go to the mattresses? Get your dial-up ready and take a listen.

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Episode 9: Sixteen Candles

Meeting Cute - Romantic Comedy Podcast

15 Can I have my underwear back now, please?

Are our mid-20s just too late in life to watch Sixteen Candles for the first time? Maybe. Did we still find a lot of stuff to talk about anyway? Definitely. Let’s take a critical look at the first movie John Hughes ever directed.

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