Introducing Meeting Cute, Your New Favorite Podcast


Longtime readers of this blog may remember a running feature we did for awhile, Movie Of The Week, where my girlfriend Shiran Lugashi and I would share movies with each other and then write out our thoughts on our old favorites and new experiences. While we eventually put that column to rest, we’ve continued to share films with each other and talk about them in-depth. Which brings us to our new project.

One of the recurring conversations Shiran and I have had has been about romantic comedies and the pros and cons of the genre. Being a stereotypical guy I’ve long had a dismissive attitude towards rom-coms while Shiran has always been a fan of them. Throughout our relationship Shiran has been steadily chipping away at my closemindedness and with the help of some very good films here and there my mind has slowly begun to turn on the topic.

In the spirit of this ongoing debate, Shiran and I decided to put together a podcast that hopefully might help others appreciate rom-coms as well. The first episode of Meeting Cute is already online; we’ve embedded the Soundcloud stream below and you can subscribe to the show on iTunes as well. Additionally you can follow the podcast’s WordPress page and Twitter for updates on future episodes and whatnot.

This week we’ve focused on While You Were Sleeping, the 1994 rom-com starring Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman; if you need to refresh yourself on that one, it is available for streaming on Netflix.

We hope you enjoy the show, and come back for more next week!



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