Monthly Preview: February 2016

calendar2Now that we’ve survived the snooze of January, it’s time to kick off February, which as usual features a nice little line-up of niche movies that should help liven up the unseasonably-warm doldrums of the shortest month. My limited (but exciting!) selections follow:

Hail Caesar!: There’s no denying the talent of the Coen Brothers; I feel like anyone with an understanding of cinema must like at least a couple of their movies, and I’m no different. And while I personally prefer their more grounded, serious-ish crime movies to their goofier fare, Hail Caesar! looks like something I can get behind. A Hollywood mystery story with slapstick humor and what looks to be some intriguingly mysterious commentary? With this cast? With Channing Tatum dancing? Yeah I can get into this in a big way. Thankfully being a Coens film I’m sure that it will be, at worst, solid. Or at best, the sky’s the limit.

Deadpool: About a year and a half ago, I wrote about how Fox should absolutely make a Deadpool movie and why they wouldn’t anyway. But now here we are, just two weeks away from a legit Deadpool movie, and… looks cool, I guess, right? Don’t get me wrong, it looks like fun and seems to be really swinging for the fences, but I’m also remembering how easy it can be for Deadpool to be an abrasive and repetitive character. Fingers crossed that the team here found a good story for the Merc With A Mouth, otherwise this could get grating real quick. But hey, why not stay optimistic?

Triple 9: As of this writing, I haven’t actually watched a John Hillcoat movie since The Proposition… but that sharp piece of badassery left more than enough of an impression to make me excited for Triple 9. This looks like a hardcore piece of crime fiction, with an absolutely stacked cast and some furious action. I could see this being too bleak a film for some people, but I also think that Hillcoat will fully earn that tone and make it sing a beautifully violent song. It may make for a mean ride, but I’m sure it will also be a good one.

The Witch: While It Follows got the lion’s share of the horror movie chatter last year, it was closely followed by The Witch, the reception for which seemed even more rapturous if that’s possible. Indeed, the trailers promise something incredibly moody and unsettling, with some gorgeous imagery to boot, and this is exactly the right time of year for an in-your-face, art house-friendly chiller like this one. This could be one that sticks with you if my Twitter feed is any indication; here’s hoping it lives up to the deafening buzz.

So How To Be Single looks cute and likable… right? It’s certainly got a strong enough cast that I’d probably watch in anything; and Eddie The Eagle has gotten some good early buzz, and might rise above what looks like a pretty straightforward underdog tale to be something emotionally vibrant.


And that’s February. Next up is March, which is where things start to get really eclectic. Stay tuned!


One Comment on “Monthly Preview: February 2016”

  1. shiran says:

    So excited for Hail, Caesar!

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