Donate To A Drifter And Contribute To The Future Of Cinema

20150210172431-Drifter_concept_poster_With Chappie apparently being a major disappointment this weekend, and Unfinished Business looking DOA, this weekend seems like a good reminder that the film industry is still more than capable of putting out bloated, poorly-thought-out crap. But this time of year can also serve as a great window into alternative filmmaking, the independent films and more offbeat studio efforts that come from a more complete artistic vision and more focused talent. While this certainly applies to some of the films released in theaters, for this post I’m talking more about a film that’s yet to be, but could be soon with your help.

I’ve mentioned Chris von Hoffman on this site before, in my review of his short White Trash and in my interview with him back in September. Since then, he’s finished and screened another short film, Fuel Junkie (I never got the chance to review it myself, but I will say that it is a very good progression from White Trash) and is now developing his feature-length debut, Drifter. I will give von Hoffman and his collaborators credit: their idea is not lacking for ambition and scope, in exactly the sort of ways that intimidate me about filmmaking. I’ll let Chris and company fill you in on the specifics:

As you’ll see on the film’s Indiegogo page, Drifter still has a way to go before it can get its full funding, and in my mind it’s a film that deserves every ounce of support it can get. Von Hoffman has quickly developed a strong and effective style and voice that I can’t wait to see in a feature, particularly one with a story like this. This is the sort of film we could be watching on a weekend like this in 2017, an original and daring voice cutting through the anonymous doldrums of the studio film wasteland of winter to thrill us and move us as the best cinema always does.

The Drifter campaign ends on April 13th, so support as much as you can as often as you can!


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