Give Cinema The Gift Of “All Ye Faithful” For The Holidays

Here we are, 4 days from Halloween, and it’s already Christmas season. Rockefeller Plaza is already decked out in everything but the Big Tree and drug stores are packed with Xmas knickknacks. It’s a time where my deep-seeded enthusiasm for the holiday season clashes with my cynicism and snark about modern culture, when I (and many others of my generation, I assume) look for some counter-culture approaches to Christmas.

So what better time to call your attention to the awesome-sounding short film “All Ye Faithful” from writer/director Phil Harrell, another former coworker of mine. But in this case, Christmas isn’t even the primary target… more like collateral damage, I suppose? The premise is simple but clever: mashing up the North Pole and North Korea as a satire of both Christmas and the Kim dynasty. Considering that the latter is about to declare war on us over a Seth Rogen movie being released at Christmas, it seems like there’s no better time for this story.

This time, I’m coming to you a little late in the game, as “All Ye Faithful” only has a couple of weeks left to reach its Indiegogo goal. But they need our help! I’m certainly excited to see how this all comes together, but it seems like there is a clear-cut vision at play here, and one that could yield a really fun and distinctive piece of art in the end. So let’s go support it!

The Indiegogo page can be found HERE:

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