Support “b00” And Help A Great Idea Get Made

675beda1a0d61a86ff02bd2e4fb55744_largeI have always regretted not featuring more of my friends’ Kickstarter efforts on here; there have already been one or two moments where I missed the opportunity to help out. But knowing that these people have just as much passion for film as I do, not to mention the connections and ideas that I’m still striving for, I do feel that I should bring attention to those that I know will be worth it. So on that note, I present the short film project “b00”, directed by Teresa Lu, a former coworker of mine. Furthermore, longtime readers (all three of you) might remember my review of “Play Dead, Grandpa” from Stefan Fernandez, who just happens to be shooting and co-producing this project as well. In addition to the fact that I know the filmmakers and can vouch for their creative abilities, the concept they’re developing just sounds damn good:

“b00” is short drama about a little girl who loses her brother to a heroin overdose on Halloween. As a promising night is torn from her in one fell swoop, the ex-trick-or-treater rides her bike through the barren streets to seek refuge and revenge.

The Kickstarter promo video also gets us little glimpses of what the finished product might look like, and it has a great vibe that is equal parts surreal/creepy and grounded/lived-in. I hope some of you out there find this project (or at least my endorsement thereof) worth your time and money. To me, these are the sorts of cinematic voices that deserve further attention and opportunity, and hopefully we as an audience can give them that.

Once again, the link for the project is here:

And suffice to say I’ll be writing up a full reaction of the finished work. Good luck guys!

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