Ain’t Never Had A Friend Like Him: RIP Robin Williams

32b1b_NicolasGuerin02We’ve had another shocking and upsetting passing for this year, with Robin Williams having died early today. It’s a death that seems to be keenly felt by everyone young and old, which is unsurprising given Williams’ talent and expansive filmography. Part of that is that Williams has been a part of our celluloid lives every step of the way: kids recognize his voice from Aladdin, and have seen him in movies like Mrs. Doubtfire and Night at the Museum, while adults have seen him in everything from One Hour Photo to World’s Greatest Dad (not to mention TV, from Mork and Mindy to The Crazy Ones and that brilliant episode of Louie). We all know how he could capture funny, zany, sad, creepy, comforting, and oh yeah, FUNNY, with equal amounts of ease and humanity. As such, I figure that the best way to memorialize him is with his own work, and his ability to make you feel with him no matter what.

These are some of my personal favorites (also the most easily available ones on Youtube). There are plenty more as well, some of which are a little too close to reality for comfort at the moment (World’s Greatest Dad and that Louie episode spring to mind). But with that, let’s get it started:



Good Will Hunting

And that’s just a sampling of his talents. It’s an awful shame, for his family, his collaborators, his fans, and the world of film. But what everyone does forget was that he was also an amazing standup, where he brought the same mixture of worldly wisdom and zany antics that permeate his film work. So with that in mind, below I’ve linked to his full, 90-minute Live on Broadway special, that I highly urge you all to watch. Because I’d bet good money that Robin Williams would rather see us crying from laughter than just crying

Live on Broadway



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