My New Blog, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Writing… Again

Greetings, and welcome to my blog about movies and stuff. Before I get into the regular movie talk, I figured I should explain why I’m writing this blog at all (as much for myself as for my theoretical audience).

I’ve always had a great love for storytelling in general, and movies in particular. A long time ago it occurred to me that the only thing I really wanted to be in life was a writer, and that I’d want to work in the same medium that introduced me to stories like Star Wars, Batman, Jurassic Park and James Bond. The idea of being able to craft exciting, iconic, imaginative movies like those is probably the biggest driving force of my life.

This only makes it more depressing to realize that, film-wise, I’ve found myself in a rut in the last year. Not only have I been dealing with serious writer’s block (which isn’t anything new for my post-grad self) but I also feel I’ve been less enthusiastic about movies in general, and I’m not sure how much the two problems are related. Whether they are or aren’t, it’s not great to have the great passion of your life become so unexciting.

So, if this blog has a thesis (or whatever), it’s to help me reexamine movies, both new and old, to help me rediscover what I love as a viewer and to deepen my appreciation of the medium I love so much. Hopefully, in doing that, I can rediscover or redefine my interests as a writer as well. Either way there will be a lot of talk about cool movies. If that doesn’t sound too navel-gaze-y, then feel free to come back soon. Thanks for reading, folks!


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